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Insurance Far, Far Away

December is a month where many people like to travel, and with the new Star Wars movie coming out, some of you may be traveling farther than normal. We at Bezner Insurance would like to remind you of a few important factors when it comes to insurance.

First, your insurance with us will remain valid wherever you travel, even to galaxies far, far away (though only 5 miles into Mexico). However, acts of war are excluded from all normal policies. It is highly recommended to not get too close to the battles currently being fought across the Star Wars galaxy.

Second, even outside of acts of war, try to stay clear of stormtroopers. They have a notoriously bad driving record, especially in narrow and twisting forest environments, and rarely carry sufficient liability to cover the loss of your vehicle or any medical issues that might result.

Third, we recommend not letting a droid companion drive through busy spaceways. It may cause complications on filing any claims if a droid in your care was responsible for damage to someone else’s property. In addition, if your vehicle employs an astromech droid for navigation, make certain that your droid is not too dangerously exposed to space debris.

And fourth, don’t forget to enter our Star Wars drawing! You could win free tickets to see the Resistance in action!

Until then, may the Insurance Force be with you!

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