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Making a Claim while Traveling

AAA estimates that nearly 50 million Americans will be traveling more than 50 miles by car this Thanksgiving. That's over one out of every seven people across the nation. That's a lot of people by any measure, which means the roads -- especially around major metropolitan areas -- will be filled with more cars than normal. Those cars will themselves be filled with tired drivers, restless kids, and a lot of people simply sick of being stuck in a small metal box.

Accidents will happen. It's a fact of life. Put that many people on the road in unfamiliar areas, and something will happen. Someone's car won't start. Another will lose a tire. Someone will tailgate too closely. Someone else will be in a hurry for Grandma's pie and not notice a patch of black ice.

Public Domain Image via Flickr

If you run into any problems while traveling, even if Bezner Insurance is closed for the holiday, remember that you can still make claims through our website. We hope none of you get into any accidents this holiday, or ever for that matter, but should that happen anyway we will assist you in person as soon as we can; and your insurance carrier will still be able to process claims directly.

Bezner Insurance wishes every one of our clients a happy and safe holiday, with smooth roads and zero calorie gain! (Though Grandma's pie really does hit the spot. We won't complain if you save us a slice.)

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