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Other Structures and Outbuildings

It's important, especially this time of year, to make sure that allof your buildings on your property are properly insured. Most "dwelling policies" or "homeowners policies" include 10% of the insured value of the home for coverage of "Other Structures."

The question is, what exactly is an other structure. If you read your policy definitions, near the beginning of your full policy contract, you will find the answer.

Most policies we offer define "Other Structures" as buildings or strucutures originally built to serve the home and stillin use exclusively serving the home.

This means that a small shed behind the house to keep tools and a lawnmower in is probably covered here. But, a barn for animal feed, serving the farm, would not have coverage here. A shop that houses a tractor would not have coverage here. Hay barns, horse stalls, and some shop buildings may not have coverage under "other structures"

Converted structures are also not typically included in this coverage. If you convert an old barn into a shop or a household shed, it may not be covered due to the fact that it was originally designed to be a barn!

If you are not sure what's covered on your property under "other structures" contact your agent! They can help figure it out. If you do have something that needs coverage, that's not covered under "other structures," consider adding it as an "outbuilding." Although "outbuildings" have a small added premium and slight variations in coverage, they get their own deductible, whereas, "other structures" are subject to the same deductible as the home!

Remember, if you are unsure, or feel like you need to change your coverage, please call us at Bezner Insurance! We are always here to help!

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