Call Us on Our New Phones!

Insurance is a complicated business, so we're always trying to make things simpler for you. We want you to know you'll have an easy time getting in touch with us. In that spirit, we've installed a new phone system. Our new system will ask you whether you want to talk to our Lindsay or Whitesboro offices, and immediately connect you to your choice. There is now only one number to dial. Even better, our agents can much more smoothly move calls back and forth between offices to match our availability. If you are trying to contact the Whitesboro office through the old number, you will receive a message noting the change. Please update your address books and contact lists with the following numbe

New Texas Law Targets Scams

Beware of deals that sound too good to be true! Imagine this scenario. You answer the door to find a man who introduces himself as a contractor who’s been going through your neighborhood, and he noticed you have some damage to your roof. The roof might not be leaking now, he explains, but you‘re not likely to last too many more storms before you have a problem. You haven’t budgeted for a roof replacement, though, so you’re about to refuse when he adds: “We’ll pay your deductible for you.” That sounds great, right? After all, the deductible is the amount you have to pay before your insurance company gives you the rest. Let’s use small numbers for a moment and say your deductible was $1, and t

Win a Cooler at Whitesboro Peanut Festival!

If you come to the 54th Annual Whitesboro Peanut Festival next weekend, stop by our booth for a chance to win the cooler you see pictured here! It's an RTIC cooler (a Texas company, by the way) and comes with two chairs and some snacks, just in time for fall sporting events. Even better, the chairs come with built-in foot rests. Fill your new cooler with some drinks and ice, set up the chairs, and tailgate!

Depot Day This Weekend

This Saturday, October 12th, is the annual Gainesville Depot Day. If you're new around here, Depot Day is a celebration of how Gainesville was reinvigorated by becoming a train stop in the late 19th century. It's a day of fun, games, vending, sights and sounds, and did we mention fun? It lasts from 10 AM to 10 PM, so there's plenty of time to come and enjoy. The Depot Day also hosts the biggest annual car show in the area, featuring over 200 cars for your enjoyment. Live entertainment will be on the southwest corner of the town square, and will feature the Lonestar Action Sports Stunt Team. There will also be plenty of arts and crafts vendors, a kid's zone, and of course, plenty of festival

Winter Preparation

The seasons change slowly in North Texas, but cold weather is definitely on its way. While you might be relieved at the drop in temperature, don't put off winter preparation. You always think you have more time than you really do! Winter this year is predicted to be mild, but you know how Texas is: if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes. Here's a quick list of simple tasks you can perform to get your property ready for winter weather and prevent damage. Even if the damage is covered under insurance, getting your home or car repaired during any season, but especially winter, can be costly just in terms of your family's inconvenience. Home (Interior) • Save your pipes! Check for leaks

2019 Whitesboro Peanut Festival

Bezner Insurance will be at the 54th Annual Whitesboro Peanut Festival this October 19th! We will be giving away a cooler at our booth, so stop by! The Whitesboro Peanut Festival is free to the public, and offers entertainment, shopping, food, kid's activities, a parade, a carnival -- and yes, peanuts. It's only one day, so don't miss it!

The Texas Revolution

Today, in 1835, the Texas Revolution began in Gonzales. We at Bezner Insurance would like to take a moment to acknowledge Texas and its proud history. Of the other 49 states, only Hawaii shares Texas' distinction as having been its own nation before joining the United States. It is important to never forget the history of Texas, or the things that, even 184 years after Gonzales, still make it a very different place in this already very different nation.

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