Securing Yourselves from Pirates

Avast, mateys! Tomorrow, September 19th, be that glorious day o' th' year, th' greatest o' all holidays, th' one, th' only Talk Like a Pirate Day! But if'n ye be leery o' pirates, ye hearts be in th' right place -- for ye should be afeared o' them! For there be nothing that a pirate wants te do more than trespass upon yer property, take yer belongings, and even shiver yer timbers! It be their thing. Even here in North Texas, piratin' can happen. Even if ye be in the possession o' a mighty fine an' certified anti-pirate Personal Property policy, there be some things ye can do t' prevent such a policy from robbin' ye blind its own self! Such discounts vary by policy an' company, but yer best b

Bad Luck Got You Down?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The dreaded Friday the 13th, the day of bad luck for all. Of course, it’s also Fortune Cookie Day, Blame Someone Else Day, and Positive Thinking Day. Today really gets around. There’s a lot of debate about how the concept of “Friday the 13th” as the day of bad luck got started, but we’re pretty certain it was someone who hadn’t kept current on his insurance. Letting your policy lapse or under-insuring your property is like you’re inviting bad luck over for tea and crumpets. Without liability insurance, you definitely don’t want to let someone walk under your ladder. Breaking a mirror might not give you seven years of bad luck, but if it’s not properly insur

Hail . . . From Space?

We’re all used to the idea of hail here in North Texas, but 56 years ago today, a very different kind of incident occurred in Grayson County after sunset. A fireball was spotted in the sky, with several accompanying explosions that spread debris over a wide area near Bells, TX. It wasn’t a missile, though; it was a meteor, a piece of rock and/or metal that occasionally falls from space. Most meteors burn up in the atmosphere, but several fragments of this one landed, and are collectively known as the Bells meteorite. Very importantly, it was an even rarer meteorite “fall,” a meteorite that was witnessed to hit (as opposed to a meteorite “find”). Just over 1,100 meteorite falls have been reco

Don't Procrastinate on Insurance

Yesterday was Be Late for Something Day. Did you know that? We didn't until recently. We were going to share a blog post about it, but . . . stuff happened, and we never got around to it. But now it's Fight Procrastination Day, so we don't have any excuses. Take our word for it: updating your insurance information is definitely not something you want to procrastinate on. A lot of people move during the summer, or make adjustments to property; if you made any changes, don’t hesitate to call us! Do you have a new beneficiary to add to your policy? Is your child about to start driving lessons? Do you need help painting your house? Call us! Except about painting your house. We don’t do that here

Sunday is Grandparents’ Day!

It doesn’t get nearly as much press as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but the second Sunday in September is always Grandparents’ Day. That’s right, folks; in addition to getting to spoil your kids’ kids, you get an extra day in honor of your hard work holding babies, cracking silly jokes, slipping them candy, and buying them toys. So parents, make certain you get your kids to their grandparents’ house this weekend, or at least give them a call or start a video chat. They deserve to see those smiles after all the effort you put them through. After all, grandchildren are the reward they get for not selling you to the circus when you were five.

Labors of Love (and Hard Work)

Today is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. Now, September 23rd is the official end of summer, of course, but everyone knows when things really change. Time to pack up the grill, put away the swimsuits, and get out the football jerseys. Okay, so technically you can still grill while wearing that football jersey. Tailgating was invented for those who didn’t want summer to end, after all. But we don’t recommend combining it with swimsuits. Regardless of whether you're willing to give up summer yet, it's time to look at the fruits of your labors. Did you wish you’d finished something in time for this last summer? Are you looking at buying a boat or RV for next year? Do you want to start o

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