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Labors of Love (and Hard Work)

Today is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. Now, September 23rd is the official end of summer, of course, but everyone knows when things really change. Time to pack up the grill, put away the swimsuits, and get out the football jerseys.

Okay, so technically you can still grill while wearing that football jersey. Tailgating was invented for those who didn’t want summer to end, after all. But we don’t recommend combining it with swimsuits.

Regardless of whether you're willing to give up summer yet, it's time to look at the fruits of your labors. Did you wish you’d finished something in time for this last summer? Are you looking at buying a boat or RV for next year? Do you want to start on a home remodel come spring? It’s never too early to call and ask questions about insurance.

But not today. We're closed today, and totally not grilling burgers in the yard one last time.

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